Club Application

Alive Bible Club

Mrs. Saucedo - E128 - Thursday - Lunch

This club is fun and a great way to hang out with friends! :)

Art and Photography Club


ASL Club

Ms. Cat - D121 - Monday - Lunch

ASL club is club that allows ASL students to interact and be a part of the Deaf Community in and out of Taft High School. Students are encouraged to practice and enhance their sign language

Black Student Union

Mr. Mckinley - TBD - TBD - TBD

Chess Club

Mr. Whitley - M267 - Wednesday, Friday - Lunch

A club that teaches students the great game of chess while having friendly competition.


Ms. Malik - C216 - Wednesday - Lunch

Work together to raise money for CHLA. (Children's Hospital Los Angeles)

Christian Club

Mr. Simpkin - D223 - Thursday - Lunch

A fun on campus Christian club.

Clash of Clans Club

Mr. Valerio - B203 - Friday - Lunch

Club for Clash of Clans players around Taft. Players can discuss, and will form a clan.

Class of 2016 Steering- Juniors

Ms. Herman - C110 - Tuesday - Lunch

Junior Steering raises money for and plans Senior Year activities.

Class of 2017 Steering- Sophomores

Ms Gonzales - B107 - Monday - Lunch

This is a club for the class of 2017 to raise money for their senior year

Class of 2018 Steering- Freshmen

TBD - TBD - TBD - Lunch

Help fundraise and plan events for the Class of 2018!

Creative Writing

Mr.Herder - D123 - Monday - Lunch

This club collects creative writing pieces (poetry, short stories, personal essays, etc.) from Taft students and publishes them for the entire school to enjoy. Copies will be published periodically. Members are needed for piece selection, revision, and design.


Ms. Yu - Annex - Wednesday - Lunch

The California Scholarship Federation is a club for dedicated students that volunteers in the community! See Ms. Yu in D219 for details!

Do Something Club

Ms. Malik - C216 - Tuesday - Lunch

Do Something is the largest non-profit organization that encourages young people to get involved and 'do something'. They have many different cause-campaigns throughout the year, which you can view on their website DoSomething.Org. DS Club members will earn community service hours by participating in different DS Campaigns each week during lunch.

Dog Rescue Club

Ms. Herman - M263 - Friday - Lunch

The Dog Rescue Club (DRC) is a group of students who want to help dogs in need by volunteering their time at local shelters. All service will be done in the DRC group through organized events.

Entertainment Crew

Ms. Jacob - Ms. Jacob's Room - Wednesday - Nutrition

Our objective is to learn the art of media and film and create videos (news, skits, PSAs) to share to the student body.

Female Empowerment Club

Ms. Forbes - C117 - Tuesday - Lunch

Welcome to FEM Club! In our meetings we discuss different feminist issues facing the world today, influential people in the history of feminism, and different ways that you can get involved with feminism in your community, all while trying to give "feminism" the positive connotation that it deserves. EVERYONE is welcome! See you there!


Ms.Viadero - C115 - Monday - Lunch

FIDM Club is for those who are entranced by the world of fashion. FIDM stands for The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise, this institute is a private college created for the mastery of fashion, in joining this club underclassmen such as juniors, sophomores and freshmen who whish to go to this institute have the opportunity to win a scholarship!

Free the Children

Ms. Malik - C216 - Tuesday - Nutrition

Free the Children is an international charity and educational partner that works both domestically and internationally to empower and enable youth to be agents of change.

Future Entrepreneurs of America

Mr. Kodama - M261 - Tuesday - Lunch

A club for future entrepreneurs and global business leaders to meet and discuss the major business innovations, stock developments, and business practices of today's market.


Ms. Brownell - C111 - Wednesday - Lunch

Welcome to Gay Straight Alliance (G.S.A), everyone is welcome! :) Please join and support our LGBTQ community.

Girl Talk

Mrs.West - C107 - Monday - Lunch

Girl Talk is a club for everyone (boys and girls) where guest speakers come to talk about any topic of your choice. From nutrition to college counseling to even learning about applying for jobs, expect to learn something new and receive prizes! No hours required!!!!!

Girl Up Club

Ms. Bingham - M161 - Tuesday - Lunch

Girl Up is a UN-affiliated nonprofit organization that empowers youth to better the lives of young women in developing countries. Learn about leadership, current events, and just how strong your voice can be at Girl Up! Everyone is welcome, and remember- we are here to.get.her. stronger!

Historicus Club

Ms. Kim - D222 - Friday - Lunch

We analyze history through our own diverse viewpoints and attempt to come up with solutions in order to avoid horrible historical periods from happening again. We also entertain scenarios like what if the Germans won WWII or what if the Soviet Union won the Cold War.

I am NORM Club

Mrs. Mahoney - C214 - Friday - Lunch

I am NORM is a club where students with different outlooks can gather together to hang out while leaning what it means to become an inclusive person. We all have something offer each other if we just take the time to listen.


Ms. Kwan - E235 - Wednesday - Nutrition

Interact club is a volunteer club where we do activities outside of school.


Jewish Student Union (JSU)

Mr. Mayesh - D220 - Monday - Lunch

We meet once a week and discuss Torah portions, Jewish holidays, current events in Israel, and more. Anyone can come to the meetings as long as they don’t act rude or disrespectful. Lunch will be provided, please arrive before the 10 minute bell.


Key Club

Mr. Moreno - E235 - Monday - Lunch

Key Club is the oldest and largest student-led community service organization in the world. We participate in many different service events such as rose float decorating, giving out waters to runners at local 5K runs, and helping set up festivals. We also host different fundraisers to raise money for the Pediatric Trauma Program.

Knights & Ladies

Ms. Yu - Annex - Thursday - Lunch

Knights & Ladies is a service club that helps students volunteer in the community and the school.

Korean Club

Mrs.Kim - D222 - Tuesday - Lunch

Our goal is to introduce the culturally diverse population of Taft HS to the extensive Korean culture . Through this club students can experience Korea's unique trademarks, customs, foods, and music.

Leo Club

Mr.Moreno - E235 - Tuesday - Nutrition

Do want to be recognized for making a difference individually and collectively? Come by Mr.Moreno's room in E325 to learn more.

Loloyan Jewish Club

Ms. Bingham - M161 - Wednesday - Lunch

It's Jewish Club. Rabbi Loloyan comes, tells stories and teaches traditional Jewish Values. We also have pizza. Its a fun time for all.

Louie Jewish Club

Ms. Shayan - D220 - Thursday - Lunch

Come learn about the Jewish culture and significance with Rabbi Louie. Please be nice to our guest speaker.


Mr. Valerio - B203 - Monday - Lunch

Math club that competes against other schools in math competitions.

Misunderstood Club

Mr. Fegan - B206 - Friday - Lunch

The Misunderstood Club is trying to prevent misunderstood teenagers from self destruction and bullying. Although some students may not face the same problems we are trying to prevent, it's a great way to show their support to those that do! Anyone is welcome to join.

Orchestra Club

Mr. Gruber - F137 - Tuesday - Lunch

Orchestra club is for students who would like to develop their musical skills but cannot be in the class! See Camille or Mr. Gruber for joining

Peer Mediation

Mr. Mayesh - D220 - Thursday - Nutrition

We help raise awareness about the program at Taft that allows teens to help their peers solve personal problems

Sneak Society

Mrs. Bates - Parent Center - Tuesday - Lunch

The club talks about differant shoes and will start trying to collect shoes for the needy.

Spreading Sprouts

Dr. Berchin - Oral Arts - Friday - Lunch

Spreading Sprouts is an organization in which we go to local elementary schools and build botanical gardens, incorporating the elements of STEAM.


Mr. Moreno - E235 - Monday, Wednesday - Afterschool

SRLA is a group of students who are training to run the marathon.

Students for Families in Need (SFIN)

Ms. Forbes - C117 - Friday - Nutrition

We are a club that helps to provide for those in need, including children, teens, families, etc. We work through services such as LSS (Lutheran Social Services) and Children's Hunger Fund to provide food, water, clothes, blankets, and any assistance possible to help strengthen the lives of others. During the year, we get to experience hands-on assistance through programs such as Children's Hunger Fund to help equip food packages to families, individuals, and kids in need. Through donations to organizations such as LSS, and the voluntary service of other students, we can help to improve, provide for, and assist the lives of others.

Taft Sex Squad

Ms. Brownell - C111 - Thursday - Lunch

Taft Sex Squad is a group of students who use theatre, music, comedy, and art to educate our peers about safer sex, sexuality, and gender.

Teen Court

Gibbons - - Friday - Nutrition

Teen Court is once a month. You serve on the jury of REAL CASES and make decisions on these cases whether or not the minor is guilty or not guilty. You have the power to inflict positive change on your peers lives! It's a great way to get community service. Club meeting are usually the day after each teen court. Looking for officers who would like to help out with program. It looks great on a college application especially if you would like to pursue a career in law. If you would like to apply to be an officer, please send me a detailed description of what your strengths are and how you think you can contribute. Thanks! Email:

The Guild

Mr Blair - C3 - Friday - Lunch

We are the guild, a group of cool nerd who meet with other cool nerd to keep the geeky sub culture alive and kicking, this is the 3rd year of the guild, so we are pretty well known as the club with the long announcement on the speaker

Theatre Club

Ms. West - C110 - Friday - Lunch

Theatre Club will be held every Friday during lunch in C110. This is a new and enjoyable learning experience. The club has a friendly environment, in which accepts everyone for who he or she is. Express who you are and learn the different aspects of theatre--acting, script-making, set-designing, and much more.

Yoga Club

Ms. Malik - C216 - Friday - Lunch

We do yoga to relax and reduce stress

Young Democrats

Mr. Whitley - M267 - Wednesday - Lunch

The Young Democrats club was made to help people become more politically aware. This club will inform people on Democratic Policies, other parties and how they are all benefiting America.

Zombie Survival Club

Mr. McFadden - M165 - Tuesday - Lunch

Welcome to Zombie Survival Club. In this club you will learn about the best techniques, equipment, and skills you will need to survive the imminent zombie apocalypse. Join us, or get left behind. See you on the other side.